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Is Hydrocodone In Watson 540 Is Causing The Addiction?

As you probably know Watson 540 is a combination of Hydrocone and Acetaminophen. The first part of this combination is a very strong analgesic which sometimes leads to addiction. Because of this fact, the usage of Hydrocone has to be very strict and avoided if it is not necessary. The other substance in this combination is a non-opioid analgesic. This substance is intended to reduce mild pain such as headaches. The combination of these two substances is leading to less addiction and greater analgesic effect. You may find this combination in the form of blue pills which are called Watson 540 blue.


Another important thing about this drug is that it has an oval shape and a very specific blue color. This makes it unique and hard to confuse with something else. This drug contains 500 mg of Acetaminophen and 10 mg of Hydrocone. The small dose of Hydrocone is connected with an addiction. It is important to know that this drug is causes very strong mental addiction and very weak physical addiction. This addiction is observed when you use this drug in excessive doses for a very long period. You don’t have to be afraid of its usage. If you are using it in recommended dosages you will only obtain the analgesic effect and you will not develop addiction. You are supposed to use no more than one or two pills every 24 hours.


On the internet or in certain medical journals you may find Hydrocodine APAP. This is used when someone is giving you information about the substances which are found in Watson 540. It is important for you to know that Hydrocodone is all the same. There are many chemical substances on the market which have the same name and the same chemical structure. This is a very commercial way to sell things, but all the pharmaceutical companies are trying to sell their products. You may wonder what the abbreviation “APAP” means. APAP is used for Acetaminophen, the other main substance which is a component of Watson 450. In most of the countries you don’t need a prescription to get APAP, because it is a non-opioid analgesic. You can usually find only Acetaminophen which is used for the treatment of mild pains like headache.


The good thing about Watson 540 is that there are few side effects and none of them is lethal. When you are taking this drug constipation or diarrhea may appear. Other people may experience nausea and vomiting. The side effects of every drug are not supposed to appear in everyone who is using it. Some of the side effects are appearing in patients due to their attitude. As you may know, there are patients who are not able to take drugs in pill form because it causes vomiting. They are vomiting from all the pills but not from the Watson in particular.


A lot of people may wonder which painkiller is best, Vicodin or Watson 540. These drugs are used for the treatment of different kinds of pain. Vicodin is used for the treatment of severe post-operative pain and the pain caused by some types of physical trauma. Vicodin causes addiction in most cases, because the patients start to increase the dosage by themselves. You should know that you are supposed to follow the instructions of the doctor because every drug is useful and dangerous at the same time.


However, you should know that in most cases the pain is more or less mental. That means that there is no pain but your brain still thinks that there is. In order to remove or reduce the pain, the patient is increasing the dosage of Vicodin whenever he wants. Watson 540 also has a strong analgesic effect. It is not causing addiction in almost every second patient who is using it. In addition, Watson 540 is used for the treatment of mild pain. This drug is usually used in combination with other drugs, depending on the specific case. For that reason, the patient really doesn’t know which exact drug he needs is and he starts or stops acquiring them all.


Other important question about painkillers is whether Percocet or Watson 540 is better. Percocet was discovered and approved by the FDA in 1976, which means that this drug is actually pretty old. As you probably know the pharmaceutical industry is trying to discover new painkillers every year because the older ones are either causing many side effects or they are not as effective as the new ones. However, you have to know that this drug is still in use because it can relieve severe pain, which not all drugs are able to.


The bad thing about this drug is the side effects. This drug has the most dangerous and strongest side effects of all the other painkillers. This drug can impair your way of thinking or even change your personality. It is true that the side effects are observed only in a few of the patients who are using the drug. It is true that the exact percent is small but when you are the one with the particular side effect, the percent is 100. Another important thing about this drug is the contraindications. You have to know that you are not supposed to use this drug if you are suffering from cirrhosis (liver diseases), if you are have kidney problems or if you have problems with the respiratory system, like COPD, asthma, sleep apnea and other. With Watson 540 these contraindications are reduced, because you are not supposed to take these drugs if you are suffering from cirrhosis, but everything else is fine.

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